Tirabad Outdoor Educational Centre, Llangammarch Wells, Wales


DofE approved expedition provider

Duke of Edinburgh Award approved activity provider, Wales

We hold an Adventure Activity Licensing Authority (AALA) Licence for:



Paddle Surfing




Gorge Scrambling



Off-Road Cycling

Mine Exploration

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About Tirabad Outdoor Educational Centre

Tirabad Outdoor Educational Centre, operated by Tirabad Residential Educational Trust, is situated in the village of Tirabad near Llangammarch Wells about twenty miles from Brecon.

The building was formerly a hunting lodge, and is now run by the Tirabad Trust. Tirabad OEC serves the needs of students throughout the year by providing Outdoor Activities and Field Study courses, as well as more specialised courses as the need arises.

The accommodation of 36–48 beds is divided into dorms of 4–8 beds. We have a comfortable dining room, a common room to relax in where you can find various games and a stock of books and magazines that can be borrowed during your stay, plus a small shop that opens a few evenings during the week.

Three full time teacher staff the centre, all experienced and qualified to lead outdoor activities, plus three student instructors. For more information, please see the Staff page.



Outdoor education is concerned with the overall development of young people. It is an approach to learning in which direct experience is of paramount importance, but it is not a subject in itself, rather it is a cross curricular model pertinent to all phases of education. It is this feature that enables Outdoor Education to enhance learning in a wide range of subject areas in addition to making a valuable contribution to the personal and social development of young people.

Outdoor Education is concerned with enabling pupils to realise their potential as opposed to what they perceive is possible. It encompasses a range of planned educational activities, which take place outside, but not separate from, the traditional school setting. The residential experience is an integral part of Tirabad.

Outdoor Education includes outdoor activities such as camping, canoeing, caving, expeditions, orienteering, kayaking, mountain walking, rock climbing, bushcraft and gorge walking. Plus first hand study of the environment and of man's symbiotic relationship with it.



It is realistic to state the following as attainable aims for Residential Outdoor Education.


To provide an opportunity for concentrated study to enrich academic work.


To provide physical and emotional challenges through the medium of outdoor activities, so that pupils may discover more about themselves and gain in self-confidence.


To increase initiative, independence, interdependence and self discipline through cooperation and trust in hazardous environments and shared living conditions.


To encourage pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds, power of observations, logical thought and communication.


To encourage the development of moral and spiritual values and the will to base life and behaviour upon them.


To equip pupils with skills, knowledge and attitude, which will help them to live their lives as, self respecting and competent individuals, able to make informed and reasoned choices for themselves, having regard to the needs of others.


To develop an awareness of danger and engender a sense of responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others


To motivate pupils to use their leisure time enjoyably and purposefully.


To encourage and help pupils to aim at achieving the highest standards of which they are capable.

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